Psychic Readers

Readers Available

Readings are $1 per minute plus GST with a minimum of 20 minutes (unless otherwise noted)
Call the store to book your appointment 604-939-6000
Gift certificates are available and make unique gifts!


Paisley Town

Paisley Town is in on most Sundays from 12pm – 5pm. (Mininum reading 30mins.) Paisley specializes in Numerology & Psychometry (she can read energy from your photo/keys/jewellery). She also offers Card Readings & Crystal Ball Readings upon request. Sign up for Paisley’s monthly classes at the Oasis for Metaphysics & Intuition. Her website is


Sandra Jewell

Sandra Jewell, psychic medium is in the store on most Mondays from 11am – 4pm. Her website is She also does The Reconnection Healing.


Yogi will be in the store February 4th and March 4th from 12pm – 5pm. With 35 years of experience providing psychic readings, Yogi is uniquely positioned to provide you with expert advice regarding all your important questions. During your reading, Yogi may utilize multiple techniques ranging from Tarot Cards, Runes, Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Cartomancy, and I Ching. Yogi’s website is


Joy Bliss

Joy Bliss will be in on January 15th and February 12th from 12pm – 5pm. Joy provides Tarot & Medium readings as well as spiritual coaching and healing. She works with spirit to help you heal yourself and move forward with your life path and purpose. Email her at or visit her Facebook page:

Susan Turner

Susan Turner will be in the store from 12pm – 5pm on January 22nd and February 19th doing crystal angel readings. Her website is

Denise Scarff

Denise Scarff, well known tarot reader and medium, will be in the store on January 29th and February 26th from 11am – 4pm. Her website is

Parneet Virdi

Parneet Virdi is in the store from 12noon-5pm on February 5th and March 5thParneet does tarot & mediumship readings. Her website is


Janis Louise

Well known Psychic Medium, Janis Louise is in on most Wednesdays from 11am – 4pm. Her website is

Ross Van Der Hoek

New to Reflections, Ross Van Der Hoek is a medium with over 10 years experience. He will be in on March 20th and 27th from 11am – 4pm. Ross was first introduced to spiritualism and sitting in mediumship development circle while living in Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1990’s. After living abroad for several years he is back in BC since 2015. Ross volunteers and continues to sit in circle, now at the Lighthouse Spiritual Centre in Cloverdale. He is delighted to be of service and raising vibrations.


Wendy Blatta

Wendy Blatta is in every Thursday from 11am – 4pm. (Minimum reading 30 mins.) As a spiritual intuitive and life coach Wendy has 25 years of experience behind her, and a wealth of practical experience prior to that. She has a well-rounded approach, having extensively studied and worked with all aspects of psychology and spirituality. Lately she has been adding scientific research to the mix. Her sessions vary according to need. Examples are practical problem-solving, guidance regarding life purpose, coaching in personal growth, metaphysical education, and spiritual counsel. Accessing higher guidance is always involved and Tarot is often used as a tool. Visit her website or send an email to


Jaqie Ryane

Clairvoyant, spiritual counselor & wise woman, Jaqie Ryane, is in on most Fridays from 12:30pm-7pm. Her website is


Amanda Rhodes

Amanda Rhodes is in the store on January 12th from 11am – 5pm. Amanda is a psychic medium and oracle card reader who provides her clients comfort, closure, clarity and peace through reconnecting them with their loves ones who have crossed over. Visit her Facebook page:
Following are Amanda’s upcoming dates: January 26th, February 23rd, March 9th and 23rd

Laura Reid

Laura Reid will be in on January 19th and February 16th from 11am – 5pm. Laura provides deep insightful readings into life by use of Palmistry and Hand Reading combined with the use of Tarot cards. Her professional background with people provide exceptional readings whether it be in professional work or personal relationships. Laura also has in-depth knowledge of astrology and brings her combined years of experience to her readings. Laura has also worked in both Wiccan and Shamanic areas which provide a down to earth approach to her readings.

(Readings are for entertainment purposes only)