Special Events

All events held at The Oasis Wellness Centre upstairs from Reflections (unless otherwise noted)

The Oasis Wellness centre is two doors to the left of the store, upstairs, and to the left at Suite 2, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

Reiki Classes with Grace

Grace Talson, a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Assoc., teaches all levels of Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna classes.

Reiki Level 1 –  Sat. August 18th,  2018 – 10am-5pm
You will learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, as well as pets, plants and paying clients. Included in the course is a binder of information and lots of practice time with other students. Cost $175

Reiki Level 2 –  Sat. September 15th, 2018 – 10am-5pm
You will learn how to send distant healings, clear your space with Reiki, heal past situations and addictions and more. Cost $225

(If you’ve had another teacher for Level 1, please bring a photocopy of your certificate.)

Evening Reiki classes and daytime Reiki classes (while your children are in school) are available upon request.

To register and prepay, for either class, call Grace at 604-939-0993 or email gmtalson@telus.net
Grace’s website is www.MovingForwardWithGrace.com

Ever wondered what hypnosis can do for your spiritual growth?
Come and ask all the questions about hypnosis you have been wondering about.
Learn what hypnosis is and what it can do for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hear how hypnosis can free you of past burdens that hold you back. Learn how it can help you set your true potential free and so much more…
Join us for a free information session, short demonstration and question time on September 8th at 6pm
To register call AnimaSana at 604-970-8277 or email info@animasana.ca
More info www.animasana.ca

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner Class

Fri, Sep 28th – Sun, Sep 30th, 2018
Oasis Wellness Centre, Coquitlam

Would you like to learn a powerful technique to increase your intuition, heal yourself, friends and family and bring abundance into every area of your life?! Whether you are new to energy healing or a seasoned veteran, ThetaHealing empowers you to make powerful changes and transformations! Improve your health, your business, relationships with others, yourself and more!

The ThetaHealing® technique reprograms subconscious blocks that hold you back from building the life that you want. It is focused prayer that trains your mind, body and spirit to quickly clear limiting beliefs and to live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that you do. Healing happens on the core, genetic, history and soul levels. After attending this 3-day seminar you will be a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner. This class will change your life!

Other topics and exercises include:

  • Learn why we Create things in our Life and what we Learn from it!
  • ThetaHealing® Principles and Techniques
  • Entering into the Theta Brain Wave State
  • Limiting Beliefs and How to Change Them
  • The Power of Thoughts and Words
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Emotions and Health
  • Clearing Fears, Resentments, Rejection, and Regrets
  • Calling in Compatible Soul Mates
  • Understanding the Seven Planes of Existence
  • Learn Discernment when Working with Guides and Guardian Angels
  • Introduction to Manifesting in your Life
  • Balancing your Moods and Hormones and Activating DNA
  • Pulling Harmful Radiation from the Body
  • Clearing Waywards (earthbound spirits), Entities, Vows, Implants, Curses & Psychic Attacks

By the end of the seminar, the student is prepared to become a practitioner of ThetaHealing® as a ThetaHealer®. You will receive a certificate and be able to practice with others.

The investment for this class is: $595 (plus GST) Pay Deposit by August 24, 2018 and save $50!
Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual.
Time: Class runs from 9:30am-5:30pm each day
Prerequisites: None. This class is open to everyone.

Please see website for more information or to register online: www.becominglight.ca/basic-dna-thetahealing

Please feel free to contact Kelly with any questions, or to book a session!
Tel: 250-930-4545 or kelly@becominglight.ca

Kelly Kiss is passionate about healing. She has over 15 years experience in the holistic field, and has travelled the world to study with the best teachers. She is a Certified ThetaHealing® Teacher & Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Kelly lives a Heart Inspired Life on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC.

Event with The Storyteller

Who is the Storyteller?
The Storyteller is the intelligent, discerning energy of LOVE channelled through Chuck Little. Chuck and his wife Jeri have been working with the Storyteller all around the world since 1986. The Storyteller, a timeless primal energy, teaches us patiently, gently and humorously, who we are, why we respond to life as we do and how we can do it differently, if we choose.

Why is the Storyteller here?
The reason why the Storyteller is communicating with us now is in response to humanity’s request for guidance. The purpose is to provide knowledge and techniques to achieve and maintain the balance of energies necessary for humanity’s evolutionary leap forward.

What is the value of the teachings?
The teachings can give a unique and personal insight into your own experience and bring added clarity, hope and joy to life.The wisdom shared is profound and workshops are life changing events.

Sat./Sun. Oct. 13-14, 2018

‘Profit rather than Greed’

Selfishness does not work in our society as we cannot find a truly successful way to participate when we are operating from need and greed.

Come and learn a more satisfying way to find abundance in every area of your life that will also provide more joyful connections with those around you.

There is a special discounted price for first time attendees on Saturday.

Held at The PoCo Inn, 1545 Lougheed Hwy. Port Coquitlam

Contact Carole Webber for more info or to register at 604-942-2842 or email cywebber@hotmail.com