Special Events

All events held at The Oasis Wellness Centre upstairs from Reflections (unless otherwise noted)

The Oasis Wellness centre is two doors to the left of the store, upstairs, and to the left at Suite 2, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

HOMECOMING: Recover Your Inner Child

6 biweekly sessions: Saturday mornings 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Nov 3rd, 17th, Dec 1st, 15th, 29th, 2018 and Jan 12th, 2019

Do you often find a vulnerable child within you who is crying for your love and attention? Would you like to heal wounds from the past and discover your true essence? Journey within on one of the greatest adventures of your life as you explore through creative arts the realm of your unique wonder child. Join small groups as you draw, write, sculpt, play, sing and dance to elevate your spirit and transform limiting beliefs and old behaviour patterns. Profound insights and revelations await on this path leading to greater optimism and trust, emotional resilience and creative living with an open heart!

No art experience required, only an open mind to explore! Please bring 8 1/2 x 11 sketch book and coloured pens/pencils.

“The ‘child’ is all that is abandoned and exposed and at the same time, divinely powerful; the insignificant dubious beginning, and the triumphal end.” – C.G. Jung

Register online at WiseSistersConsulting.ca, call Fay 778-387-0257 or email Fay@WiseSistersConsulting.ca
Limited Seating

Cost: $210.00 6 biweekly sessions, $40.00/session

Fay Wong is a creative spirit and soul weaver who mentors and models natural wellness from the inside out. She designs and facilitates dynamic seminars from her heart and soul. Throughout her soulful career, Fay has guided hundreds of participants in achieving deep healing and significant personal growth. To learn more about Fay and read testimonials, visit www.WiseSistersConsulting.ca

Reiki Classes with Grace

Grace Talson, a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Assoc., teaches all levels of Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna classes.

Reiki Level 1 –  Sat. December 8th,  2018 – 10am-5pm
You will learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, as well as pets, plants and paying clients. Included in the course is a binder of information and lots of practice time with other students. Cost $175

Reiki Level 2 –  Sat. November 10th, 2018 – 10am-5pm
You will learn how to send distant healings, clear your space with Reiki, heal past situations and addictions and more. Cost $225

(If you’ve had another teacher for Level 1, please bring a photocopy of your certificate.)

Evening Reiki classes and daytime Reiki classes (while your children are in school) are available upon request.

To register and prepay, for either class, call Grace at 604-939-0993 or email gmtalson@telus.net
Grace’s website is www.MovingForwardWithGrace.com

Basic Pranic Healing – Level 1

November 17th & 18th with Aiydin Cross (9am – 5pm both days)

In MCKS Basic Pranic Healing, you learn the basics of working with your energy aura, including learning to “scan,” or feel the energy, to “sweep,” or clean away congested energy, and to “energize,” or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency. You begin by learning to activate the energy centers, or “chakras,” in the center of your hands. This enables you to become sensitive to prana and scan a person’s – or your own – energy field to identify blockages and then cleanse, energize and revitalize the area with new prana.

Pranic Healing has been taught to doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, shiatsu practitioners, and many others in the healing field. It has allowed them to heal confidently and consistently in the shortest learning time possible. These professionals find Pranic Healing® very effective and easy to apply.

All Pranic Healing® courses are “experiential,” which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class – on yourself and those around you. During class, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and you will practice the techniques exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.

In this course, you will learn about prana (life-force and chi energy) and how it is utilized for healing. You will understand the energetic anatomy of the body, and learn the foundational principles and techniques of the practice.
✔ Energetic anatomy and the function of the major energetic centers (chakras)
✔ Energetic diagnostics or scanning – a technique to identify areas of energetic congestion and depletion
✔ Energetic Cleansing—techniques to remove congested or diseased energy from the body, organs and chakras
✔ Energizing—safe ways to transfer prana to areas that need healing
✔ Learn ways to protect yourself energetically, prevent energetic drainage and contamination
✔ Experience the energetic benefits of breath-work and meditation
✔ Divine Healing—using prayer and invocation for healing yourself and others
✔ Distance Healing—understand the principles it is based upon and how to do it
✔ Self-Healing—ways to manage your own energetic health and prevent/alleviate ailments

Prerequisite: None

Fee: $350 | Repeats: $100 | Text: $50

Register for Basic Pranic Healing at info@vancouverpranichealing.com. We look forward to exploring the subtle world of the energy body and its’ healing potential with you.

Complimentary Intro to Energetic Shift Sessions

Friday, November 23, 2018 at 7 PM – 8 PM

Attendees will learn how intentionally engaging our senses can be extremely effective when facing stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Lauren will guide you through movements and other “engagers” that help trigger an energetic/emotional shift when needed. Begin to learn tools that you can use at home, work or during travel…wherever/whenever challenging emotions set it.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal/note pad.

Link to Eventbrite registration, or email witchyyogini@gmail.com

Bio Energy Healing // Level One

Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 9 AM – 5 PM


Have you ever felt like your health is in someone else’s hands? This Bio-Energy // Level One training gives you the tools to bring your health back into your own hands.

🙌Imagine being able to heal yourself and those you care about after one weekend of training!

With this amazing workshop you will:
🔹Understand how to master your energy and change illness into well-being.
🔹Learn to trust your healing ability and allow energy to work for you.
🔹Learn to create more balanced and rewarding relationships.
🔹Learn how to heal you and your loved ones using the 12 foundational Bio-Energy Healing techniques.
🔹Understand how the law of attraction works.
🔹Experience both giving and receiving Bio-Energy Healing.
🔹Learn how to apply these techniques to treat your pets.
🔹Learn to show up in your life and shift issues on an energetic level.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to unblock the stuck energy that causes physical and emotional pain. By using your own hands you’ll be able to get the energy back to it’s natural flow allowing well being to come to your experience.

Start creating a better, healthier and happier life for you and those who you care about…❤️

This workshop includes:
✅Manual with the 12 Techniques Instructions and Exercises designed to assist you in releasing ‘stuck’ energy in specific areas of your life.
✅Certificate // Bio-Energy Healing Level One.

Get 50% off discount on the workshop, The Power of Colours and Chakras. Learn how to connect to the vibration of colours to attract anything you what to your life (coming February 2019). This workshop discount can be used by you or someone you care about, it could be a great gift!

Post-Workshop two hours practice. Get the opportunity to polish your knowledge by giving and receiving Bio-Energy Healing practice with the coaching of Bio-Energy Healer and instructor Jessica Rangel. This will be happening in January 2019.

SPECIAL end of the year OFFER !!
Bio-Energy Healing Level One // Value $695
Post Workshop practice // Value $160
Colours and Chakras 50% off // Value $ 200
Total Value $1,055
End of the year Special price: $ 600

pay before November 21, 2018, only $499✔️

Space is limited…
Link to Facebook Event and Eventbrite for registration and payment.

Setting Your Intentions
Make 2019 your best year ever!

Saturday, January 5, 2019 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Join this 4th annual event to manifest positive changes in the new year!

Ride the wave of group wisdom and shared learning as you:
Identify meaningful goals aligned with your true nature;
Create powerful affirmations that resonate deeply for you and;
Plan for a future filled with greater satisfaction, peace and natural vitality!

By donation (Suggested $20)

Register online at WiseSistersConsulting.ca, call Fay 778-387-0257 or email Fay@WiseSistersConsulting.ca